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5 Essential SEO Tools for Freelancers and Agencies


5 Essential SEO Tools for Freelancers and Agencies

With the advancement of modern technology, more and more firms are looking to add to their infrastructure and applications to increase productivity while saving time.

The same may be said for agencies and freelancers, who rely heavily on time. Project deadlines must be met every time to retain and satisfy the customer.

Freelancers and agencies must know relevant keywords to target for each client, how websites recognize general website users from commercial traffic, and how their clients' firms can improve their ability to attract and retain targeted internet traffic.

While it would sound like a tough job at first, many SEO tools on the market can relieve you and your team of the burdens of data analysis and keyword research, among other tedious tasks.

Some tools are required to improve the SEO game, and freelancers and agencies mainly use them to boost their content visibility and rank higher on Google.

Freelancers and agencies use them to improve the accessibility of their websites, which naturally leads to more visitors.

This article will discuss the five essential SEO tools that freelancers and agencies prefer, so let's get started.

5 Essential SEO Tools for Freelancers and Agencies:

SEO tools allow freelancers and agencies to see what works and what aspects of the strategy may be modified for improved results.

Why are SEO Tools required?

One of the factors that can draw attention to your website is SEO. Besides that, there are several reasons why SEO tools are required, including:

       Some SEO tools allow you to keep a close eye on your competitor's visitor statistics and tactics, and you can ethically discover how their website is doing.

       SEO tools can provide a list of keywords that can help the article receive more visibility.

       SEO audits assist in identifying and resolving website issues, thereby saving time and money.

       SEO tools can assist you in figuring out if your technique for optimizing your website higher on Google is performing or not.

5 Essential SEO Tools:

1.   Ahrefs.com:

Ahrefs is a highly regarded SEO tool for backlink analysis. This tool is recommended by marketing and SEO specialists due to its reliability and large index size.

This SEO tool has the most extensive index of live backlinks globally, with about 16 trillion links, and its crawler scans around 5 billion web content per day.


Many people characterize Ahrefs' UI as user-friendly, which adds to its worth in the eyes of digital marketing organizations. This SEO tool has evolved into an all-in-one marketing toolset that includes website audits, keyword research, and content creation tools.


       Site Navigator — Get a detailed insight into any website or URL's organic search traffic and backlink profile.

       Content Explorer- Discover the most popular information on any topic with Content Explorer (backlinks, web traffic, and social shares).

       Alerts- Get updates on new and lost backlinks, online comments, and keyword rankings through alerts.

       Rank Tracker-Track your desktop and mobile rankings for any area with Rank Tracker. Get data on an ongoing, weekly, or monthly basis.

       Domain Comparison - Compare up to 5 distinct domains' backlink profiles.

       Content Gap- Discover the keywords that your competitors rank for but that you don't.


       Lite - $99 per month (Perfect for newbies and solopreneurs)

       Standard – $179 per month (Perfect for experienced bloggers)

       Advanced – $399 per month (Perfect for SEO agencies)

       Agency- $999 a month (Perfect for marketing agencies)


2.   Semrush.com:

This visibility tracking software was designed in 2008 and is regarded as one of the most excellent SEO tools available.

With its offices in Boston, Massachusetts, this tool assists users in identifying the terms that their competitors are using.


SEMrush gives you the option to evaluate a competitor's tactics ethically and know their SEO strategy.

It also attracts local clients by making the site visible in local searches and tracking down daily goal keywords that will boost the content's traffic volume.


       Keyword Magic Tool - They have the most significant keyword database on the market, with over 20 billion keywords in their list. The tool offers keyword alternatives for your desired phrases and an accurate summary of important keyword parameters such as search traffic, keyword difficulty score, CPC, etc.

       Website Audit Tool- Identify and fix technical SEO issues on your website using the Website Audit Tool.

       Position Tracking - Keep track of your own and your competitors' rankings for the keywords you're working in. According to several users, the most precise position monitoring tool on the market.

       Content Marketing Framework - This toolkit includes six content creating and optimization tools to help you improve your content and probably beat the most respected opponents in the SERPs.

       Competitor Monitoring Toolkit – This contains tools for tracking your competitors' SEO and PPC activities and tools for tilting their best keywords and backlinks. An add-on tool called Traffic Analytics gives you realistic traffic statistics for any site and allows you to compare your traffic to that of your top competitors.

       Backlink Audit Tool - To prevent a Google penalty, identify and remove hazardous backlinks.

       SEO Reports - Create personalized PDF reports to manage your SEO and Marketing studies.


       Pro – $119.95 per month (Best for beginners and freelancers)

       Guru – $229.95 per month (Best for small business owners and solopreneurs)

       Agency- $449.95 per month  (Best for marketing agencies and marketing teams in large firms).

3.   Moz.com:

Moz is a popular SEO tool that consists of 2 products: Moz Pro and Moz Local.

As the name implies, Moz Pro is a comprehensive website SEO plan that covers tools for website audits and SERP rank tracking, along with other things.

Moz Local is a package that contains tools for managing reviews and location data, among other features.


       Global Rank Tracking - Monitor keywords in 200+ countries every week for Google, Bing, and Yahoo and split them by campaign, keyword label, and area.

       Keyword Research-Discover and identify the best keywords to target your website using keyword research.

       Link Profile Analysis — With our industry-leading metrics, you can access and analyze the essential links on the web.

       Site Crawl - Find SEO issues and get advice on how to solve them, so your site's complete SEO health improves.

       Page Optimization — Find effective tactics and speed up your content initiatives by searching top-performing material across the web.

       Reporting - Demonstrate and improve your site traffic impact.


       Standard – $99 per month (Ideal for Freelancers and solopreneurs)

       Medium - $179 per month (Ideal for content creators and freelancers)

       Large – $249 per month (Ideal for SEO agencies)

       Premium – $599 per month (Ideal for marketing agencies)


4.   Editpad.org:

The SEO of a website is affected by a combination of things, one of which is plagiarism. A website with plagiarised content does not rank well in search engines.

As a result, the website's ranking suffers, and it barely stands out. As a result, tools like plagiarism checkers are critical.


Editpad.org is an online services site that includes, among other things, a paraphraser, a word processor, and a plagiarism checker.

Their plagiarism checker has a lot of features that SEO professionals will appreciate.

It works quickly and consistently, and the results are excellent.


       Online Nature: It isn't particularly effective if a tool requires you to download it. As a result, the online nature of the tool should be the first thing you check.

       Use at no cost: You should look for the tool and its extended free usage unless you're willing to pay. Many internet tools need payment to access. However, go with a free and effective option.

       Plagiarism Checker- EditPad has a plagiarism checker, which compares favorably to more well-known competitors. When checking one's content, it has a simple user interface:

       Grammar and Spelling Checker- EditPad's Grammar Checker, isn't anything remarkable or comparable to well-known apps like Grammarly. It does, however, complete the task and does it quickly.

       Tool for paraphrasing- EditPad's paraphrase tool works efficiently and effectively and brings unique content without changing the actual meaning.

       Paid Benefits- Is it true that if you do pay for a tool, it will come with all of the features you require.


       Editpad Lite: Free for non commercial.

       Editpad Pro:  US$ 59.95


5.   Rephrase.info:

Rephrase.info is an intelligent SEO rewriting tool that assists freelancers in creating new material without the need for manual tasks.


This application gives users the option of using one of three paraphrase modes. The application currently supports two languages, English and Spanish, for paraphrasing.

This tool provides an excellent user experience. It is entirely free and does not require registration for all types of professional or informal text rewriting assignments.


       Content Security: Keep content secure, so you do not have to worry about privacy

       Free Tool for paraphrasing-The use of this paraphrase generator is entirely free. There is no need to register or submit payment card information to use the tool recorder.

       Paraphrase precisely- This sentence rewriter not only creates unique content but also assists you in writing precise information. When paraphrasing, it leaves out unnecessary material and only includes relevant paragraphs.

       Smarter Content creation- Every time you click the paraphrase button, the AI technology rewrites the sentences and makes them unique. You can get a limitless number of unique outcomes and write more creative content with the exact wording.

Pricing: Free for users.


Search engine optimization is a critical component of digital marketing for both freelancers and agencies. These SEO techniques help your content make it to the top in a world where the internet is the solution to everything.


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