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5 Ways to Monetize your WordPress Blog


5 Ways to Monetize your WordPress blog

Many people are earning their livelihood from blogging today, and you could be one of them. Good content sells, which is why there is a high demand for writers or bloggers in every industry. Blogs can be used to share one’s opinions or experiences, or endorse specific products. Several websites add a blog to their web platform for the purpose of improving their SEO score and earning some extra money on the side. Exclusive blogging websites are an ever-growing trend and WordPress is the ideal infrastructure for them.

While WordPress is free, bloggers do have to pay for hosting and related maintenance costs. If your blog doesn’t bring in any revenue, your website may become a burdensome expense. Luckily, it is very easy to monetize a WordPress website, especially if you already receive a decent amount of traffic. Let us discuss 5 ways you can start earning from your website today:

1.      Ad Placement

Displaying third-party advertisements on your web pages is the easiest way to generate passive income. You may allow multiple ads on the same page, which can be static or animated. You could opt for the PPC (pay per click) or PPI (pay per impression) model; PPC pays whenever someone clicks on a displayed ad, whereas PPI pays every time someone sees the ad. PPI may seem more convenient, but PPC tends to generate more money if you receive a consistent and fair amount of clicks.

Google AdSense is the most popular ad placement network for WordPress websites, as it supplies the most diverse assortment of targeted ads. It implements the PPC model and gives you nearly 70% of the money generated by each click. There are several other ad networks you could use, but Google AdSense is considered the best for its spot-on analytics and competitive returns.

2.      Affiliate Marketing

You can earn massive profits by enabling your website for affiliate marketing. If you think that ads make your website look tacky and cheap, swap them for affiliate links. What you have to do is promote third party products and services in your blog posts. The affiliate partner will provide you with a link that you have to insert within the blog content. When someone clicks on the link and it leads to a sale, you will receive a percentage of the transaction. Amazon is the biggest platform for partnering with affiliates from different industries.  

3.      Sponsored Posts

Another direct method to monetize your WordPress website is by doing sponsored posts. You can reach out to local and international businesses, and offer to promote their product or service (by writing exclusive blogs) for a small price. Companies will be willing to pay you good money if your blog’s theme is compatible with their niche, and your website traffic matches their target consumer profile. Certain business may pay also you for placing a promotional blog on your website, which they provide by themselves.

4.      Merchandizing

Why restrict your WordPress website to blogging when you can expand its scope by incorporating a range of free plugins? You should dabble in Ecommerce by selling actual and virtual products to your followers and subscribers. If you have a brand that people recognize and relate to, apply it to merchandising. For example, if you have a blog that discusses mental health problems, you may sell T-shirts embossed with motivational quotes.

5.      Offer Membership

You put a great deal of time and effort into your work, so why give it all away for free? If your website receives a good amount of traffic and lots of people like and/or share your content, you should consider offering membership for a small price. You may allow non-members to see some content, but grant members the privilege to access exclusive and unlimited content.


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