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Social Media Marketing: 7 Tips to Automate Like a Pro

Social Media Marketing: 7 Tips to Automate Like a Pro

The use of software services to perform several of the effort-consuming duties associated with establishing a corporate social media profile is known as social media automating. Automation aims to handle social media marketing tasks such as scheduling postings ahead of schedule, selecting material for reposting, triaging common customer questions, and creating analytical insights.

When done correctly, automating tricky or boring activities saves more time so that you can concentrate on the critical, high-impact strategic, and creative tasks that will make a difference in your true goals. Let us examine how to use social media for marketing and the types of automation that will help with your marketing efforts.

Why is Automation Beneficial in Social Media Marketing?

Automation Saves You Time

Social media automation solutions make your work smoother and provide several benefits. It helps you save effort since you can mass upload content and quickly manage a social network publishing calendar. Social media tools easily schedule your posts in a pipeline based on your unique needs.

You may also adequately describe your approach and increase your posting limit. You may quickly arrange updates that would save time that could be spent on something else. You may also arrange updates more often if your material is renewable. Utilizing several of the best social media planning tools for posting helps you to keep your presence online even if you're not online.

Automation Helps Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

Brand recognition efforts will help you establish your brand identity. By sharing frequently and telling stories about your brand with your intended viewing public, you’ll increase your brand’s visibility, and more people will recognize your brand.

Through automating tasks like post scheduling and using tools that will help you easily design for your campaigns, you can make sure to stay connected and present on your social media platforms. Automation will also allow you to give focus on strategizing, analyzing, and developing a social media marketing tactic that works.

Automation Helps Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Automation can significantly cut your marketing costs. Having the right tools and enough knowledge about social media marketing will save you the cost of having to engage with a marketing agency that will advertise your goods for you. You won’t also need to hire someone just to manage the common inquiries from your customers, nor outsource professionals to edit photos that you need for your posts.

Automation Helps You Offer Better Customer Service

Social media marketing is an excellent platform for reaching out to your consumers. Having a strong social presence enables you to reply to queries, resolve issues, address issues, and deal with complaints. Everything that benefits your consumer would also aid you improve your image.

Customers can interact with you immediately if you use Twitter or Facebook. Furthermore, you may immediately respond to customers in an open format, allowing other consumers to witness the efficiency of your client service. When you provide excellent customer care, your clients will promote your service or company to others.

7 Tips on How to Automate Social Media Marketing Like a Pro

1. Use Tools That Can Help You Curate and Write Content

For any and all content creators, content curation seems to be a beneficial approach. Curation is much more than just re-sharing information; it is a method to add quality to your audience while displaying your own business knowledge.

Your goal as a content producer is to pick only the greatest material to publish with your audience, much as an exhibition curator chooses the best, and important objects and masterpieces to show.


In addition to normal scheduling and reporting functions, Hootsuite offers content curation technology to support you in coming up with or posting compelling content.

You may, for example, utilize a library of content to arrange all of your material. That implies you may save time by having pre-approved articles available so the colleague organizing content has such a selection of topics to decide from.

Furthermore, the Hootlet plugin allows you to immediately publish and share information you find on the internet while surfing or reading material.

Furthermore, by developing a social listening feed with keywords or hashtags, you may immediately locate intriguing material to share.


CopyAI is another content marketing solution that employs an artificial intelligence-powered helper to develop and produce marketing content. The procedure is divided into three steps: choose the type of copy (articles, blog introductions, etc.), explain the product, and then allow CopyAI to perform the job! CopyAI assists customers with the creation of digital print ads, social media posts, site copy, weblog material, and other types of content.

2. Use Tools That Can Help you Create Marketing Materials Easily

Every one of the tools here is useless if you don't have a great image to deal with, correct? Here are a few of our preferred picture creating and editing programs... all of them are completely free!


Use background remover and photo editor for social media marketing, and experiment with different backgrounds, colors, and pictures for your campaigns.

Removal.AI is a tool that easily removes the background from an image. It also has a built-in editor that allows you to replace the background, add texts, elements, and perform editing tasks. Just upload a photo and the tool will process it in a split second.


Pixelied simplifies graphic design with click-and-drop functionality. Pixelied's dynamic digital canvas allows you to design Facebook cover images, email ads, posters, party invitation visuals, and more, allowing you to focus all of your conserved effort and cash on office munchies and gatherings.

3. Schedule Your Posts Across Different Social Media Platforms

Scheduling tools offer more than simply a quick way to line up updates via social media. The proper tools improve your whole social media management workflow, giving you extra time to send out outstanding content and engage with your audience instantaneously.


Buffer runs on a freemium basis, allowing you to arrange 10 social posts for free, or limitless scheduling with something like a premium membership. This provides sufficient time for a novice to determine if social media management would be beneficial to the business.

Buffer, like the title suggests, enables you to curate a list of relevant items to share, that you can subsequently plan to go out at particularly opportune periods for your community.


MeetEdgar provides the majority of the standard tools for scheduling social media material across a variety of networks, like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Pinterest and Instagram are expected to be added soon. The technology is technically named Edgar, as well as the webservice is how you "find" Edgar.

You may use this to schedule as much of your material as feasible with as little input from you as feasible. You may set up several categories for various sorts of information, including blog entries, promotional materials, quotations, and inquiries. You utilize your social media planner to schedule post types to do it at specific times.

4. Use Social Media Chatbots to Handle Basic Inquiries

Chatbots are software that respond to incoming messages instantly. Chatbots could be designed to reply in the very same manner every time, to react differently to incoming messages specific keywords, and possibly to utilize AI techniques to adjust their answers to the circumstances.

Chatbots accept and reply to messages via chat mediums such as SMS messages, site chat rooms, and instant messaging apps on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook chatbot has revolutionized how consumers and companies connect on the leading social network. Around 100,000 chatbots are already being deployed via Facebook Messenger - gather data, provide product suggestions, accept payments, and perhaps even achieve social benefit

Using automated processes, Facebook Messaging Chatbots technologies assist in answering or providing data. Several of the devices that help Facebook Messenger simple and efficient are as follows:

  1. Text, pictures, and rich boxes with CTAs may be sent and received.
  2. Salutations and CTAs in Messenger that encourage customers to "Begin."
  3. Message themes that allow people to engage with the bot by tapping buttons and using other graphics.


Understand that if you utilize Twitter chatbots in your sales and client service strategy, effective bots offer content and enhance user engagement. Twitter Chatbots provide a novel approach to scale customized each interaction. Create one-of-a-kind consumer experience through Direct Messages that supplement a primarily social marketing strategy and perhaps a multi-channel strategic objective, such as customer care.

It's critical that consumers interacting with your business via Direct Messages recognize the difference between chatbots and a person.

Offer your bot one distinct, branded image by naming it and picking a distinctive appearance that helps set realistic standards with your consumers from the start.

Instagram Chatbot

The Instagram chatbot includes a conversation companion that is computerized on Instagram.

Normally, you would converse with a fellow person on Instagram, however, with chatbots, users are conversing with a machine rather than other people.

Using Instagram, 80% of Instagrammers choose whether or not to purchase an item or commodity. With so many individuals on this site, and users considering if they should purchase a product, you must be there.

It might be much nicer if you had a chatbot for Instagram so that people could message you anytime they wanted. And you may take advantage of this chance to provide a better client experience and improve your revenue.

5. Boost Engagement With Social Listening Tools

Brands may use social listening to monitor, evaluate, and react to discussions about them being on social networks. It's an important part of audience analysis. Social listening is the process of monitoring various social media sites for citations and conversations about your business. Then you examine them for thoughts in order to identify chances to act.

Whereas social media monitoring considers metrics such as interaction number and frequency of references, social listening considers the sentiment underlying the data. This gives you a better understanding of how people see you and your rivals. It is not enough to just track the number of occasions your company is referenced.


BuzzSumo displays the number of engagements and shares that specific articles get and offers it simply to assess your Facebook performance.

The program provides data into your current Facebook posts to assist you in determining which sorts of postings function better on the site among your target demographic. It even informs you what times and days of every week you must post and how long your posts should be.


Using HubSpot, businesses can quickly track social media activity, discussions, and followers. You also possess the resources you need to handle daily conversations and participation on social media, as well as target particular audiences utilizing information from your freemium CRM's connections database to help comprehend what these individuals represent to your organization.

The application allows you to manage every one of your online profiles as well as simply convert your material proposals into social postings. With HubSpot, businesses don't have to stress about going into any social networks to submit content; instead, you can plan updates on every one of your accounts weeks ahead of time from inside the platform, freeing up important time.

6. Automate and Analyze Your Ad Campaigns

Instead of investing your effort hanging over numerous campaigns, you can devote your time to things like identifying opportunities for company development, boosting audience interaction, and experimenting with new ad kinds that will help your funnels.

That is not to suggest that automation seems to be the technology of the future and that machines will replace us all. Sponsored ad campaigns will always require human intervention, but you may take a vacation from continual campaign monitoring.


AdEspresso is one of the top ad production and automation software options, with powerful optimization tools that will help you quickly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

You may create campaigns with different ad styles or split evaluate various headlines as well as ad contents on a particular advertising campaign, as well as factors like marketing parameters. AdEspresso will track your ads as you conduct these trials to see which elements result in the best formula.

7. Maintain Customer Trust and Reputation with Tools that Protect Your Brand

A business with a strong and good reputation attracts loyal customers. When potential buyers and clients see you as trustworthy, they are definitely likely to purchase from you.

Social media can be used for the proliferation of lies about anybody or even your business. It could also be abused by criminals looking for easy money. Whether by human error or unattended social media accounts, there are several risks on social media that need to be attended to by certain tools to maintain cyber security.


ZeroFOX is indeed a security solution that integrates with all major social networking sites, notably Google Play, Slack, and the Apple App Store. This detects and safeguards brands from hackers attempting to take possession of social media profiles.

But it isn't all. In addition, the platform strives to safeguard its customers' social media identities. They accomplish this by deleting inflammatory and purposefully disruptive content, erasing impersonator profiles, and safeguarding followers from fraudsters. Consider ZeroFOX to be a big public relations instrument with security characteristics.

Automate Your Social Media Marketing Workflow

The finest social media marketing tools could make it easier for businesses to gather, analyze, and post social media content. With themes and imagery services, you may utilize these resources to develop fantastic ads. You can potentially utilize CRM information to identify the optimum times to publish fresh material to your virtual networks and RSS services.

The primary aim of automating tasks is to remove dull repetitive activities from your platter and free up time to address the genuine challenges confronting your organization. However, you must set aside some time to check your social media sites and interact with your viewers– this is what it means to be genuinely social. Nothing beats a personal touch to make your audience feel appreciated.

 About the Author:
 Yen Pedrajas is an ecommerce developer and an expert   social media marketing writer. She loves to read, write and   share ideas and insights about digital marketing, search   engine optimization, innovative technology, and   ecommerce.

 Currently, she works as the Lead Editor at Removal.AI -new   fast growing ecommerce platform that develops tools such   as AI background remover and photo editor. You can read   more of her writing at Medium.

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