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Best Apps And Websites To Make Money As Writer

Best Apps And Websites To Make Money As Writer

The internet is swamped with clickbait and it's delicate to find genuine websites. But there are still numerous websites that actually pay writer for well- written content.

Medium is one similar website that provides a platform to 
writer and rewards them for their genuine work. It connects you with avaricious compendiums who appreciate quality work.

Anyone can join Medium’s Partner Program and earn plutocrat when any Medium member reads their papers. All you need to do is write on motifs near to your heart and present a unique perspective to compendiums.

Once you come a member and submit your idea, an editorial platoon will review yourarticle.However, they will recommend it to compendiums interested in that content, If it passes their quality norms.

You'll earn a yearly payment grounded on the number of Medium members who read your posts. Also, the longer a member reads your composition, the further plutocrat you'll earn.

Still, it is n’t wise to put all your eggs in one handbasket. So, I understand that as 
writer, you ’re always looking for further websites that can publish your content and pay you for it.

I ’ve got good news for you.

Then's a list of websites that pay you to write original, high- quality content.

1. Contena

Contena has a lot of really great features to help 
writer jump start their freelance jotting business and find specific writing work listed each over the web. That’s why it's number one on our list.

Some of the features include;

• Job hunt tool

• Dispatch cautions

• Submission finder

• Pay rate database for over 1600 companies.

All enrollments include access to Contena Academy, which provides members with a six module videotape training course and accoutrements to show how to really jump into starting a freelance jotting business. Indeed members with former jotting experience see the Academy appreciatively, as it provides them with the tools they need to find success.

The icing on the cutlet of joining Contena is the professional jotting trainer they give under their Platinum enrollments that will tête-à-tête work with Platinum members to help them draft their portfolio, individual pitches for jobs they find on Contena, and give any advice they need along the way.

It’s completely free to get an account with Contena to start seeing how it can kickstart your jotting career.

2. Listverse

Listverse gives you a platform to write for colorful stripes like entertainment, life, wisdom, society, and general mindfulness. It indeed gives you an option to write about crazy motifs ranging from creepy and weird stuff to mystifications.

Whatever content you choose, their only demand is that your post needs to be in the form of a list and it should have at least ten particulars per list. Content should be original and not copied from anywhere differently. And all the references mentioned in the composition should be legal.

The stylish thing about this website is that you need not be a professional pen to get your composition published then. It's a popular website so you can get millions of observers to read your composition.

By contributing largely- engaging content regularly, you can come one of their paid contributing staff 
writer. You can start entering payments incontinently.

3. InstantShift

Still, also you should surely submit them at InstantShift, If you can write quality papers associated to design and programming. The payments are decided on the base of the volume and quality of your content.

Since this is a estimable website, you can anticipate to earn a decent quantum for a top- quality composition.


WritersWeekly purchases papers from freelance 
writer and authors worldwide. All you need to do is read their guidelines, pitch ideas, and subscribe to their website.

They don't publish guest posts, poetry, cartoons, book reviews, product/ service reviews, company or individual biographies, how-to papers, and ongoing columns or series by one 

You can get paid for writing content similar as

Point Papers

Still, also the point is likely to accept it, If your composition can help other 
writer make plutocrat with content jotting. Still, it should be original and give unique perceptivity to writer.

You'll get$ 60 on acceptance of your composition via PayPal for first rights only. For reprints, you ’ll get$ 30.

Marketing Secrets

Your composition should have innovative styles to promote a book or jotting business. You can partake your own success story or write ideas that aren't covered on the point formerly.

You'll get$ 60 on acceptance of your composition via PayPal for first rights only. For reprints, you ’ll get$ 30.


You can partake your story about how you came up with the idea for your book. You can also write an intriguing composition about how you achieved your thing of writing a book.

You can do some tone- elevations by participating your own story. WritersWeekly doesn't charge you for publishing it.


Still, also Cracked, If you have a knack for writing humorouscontent.com is the platform for you. You do n’t need any jotting experience to be a part of their community. You just need to subscribe up on their pen’s forum to get started.

Along with blog posts, you can also produce and submit image- grounded and videotape- grounded content. They accept listicles as that's what they're notorious for.

They've content about a wide variety of motifs on their website and millions of observers. Your composition will get good exposure if it gets accepted by their editorial platoon.

There's no specific quantum mentioned on their website, but they assure good payments for well- written, funny, and original content.

6. SitePoint

SitePoint is a website that focuses on instructional and specialized content. Each month they concentrate on one content and publish content that gives practicable advice to compendiums. Their main focus is on web development and analytics.

They accept content on motifs related to

• HTML and CSS

• JavaScript


• Design & UX

• Web

• WordPress

• SEO by WooRank

• Microsoft Tech

• And further

They also drink pitch ideas from all 
writer who may be interested in contributing to their point.

To be a part of their community, you'll have to fill out a form where you need to describe yourself. They will estimate your profile and add you to their contributors’ group if you're a good fit for them. They demand promptitude and commitment.

So, if you're devoted, hard-working, have original content, and looking to write for web professionals, also this is the website for you.

Their point doesn't tell exactly how important they pay their 
writer, but they do say that it's below normal. You should give it a try yourself.

7. Copyhackers

Copyhackers is a website where you can pitch ideas about how to start a business, copywriting, networking, digital marketing, web development, and more. Your post should be well- delved and should be at least words long.

They accept posts that tell a story in the first person. You should back your post with applicable data and your composition should have a compelling title to resentment compendiums’ interest.

Copyhackers pays$ 300 to$ for every accepted and completed post ( quantum at the editor’s discretion). You can shoot your pitch dispatch to their happy strategist to get started but make sure that you read all of their guidelines before you telegraph them.

Other Websites That Pay Writer

Then's a list of some other websites that can pay you for your original work.

• Make a Living Writing

• ElitePersonalFinance

• Narratively

• EatingWell

• FundsforWriters

• Dame Magazine

• A Fine Parent

• Oral Media

Are You Ready to Make Plutocrat With Content Writing?

It isn't easy for new writer to start making plutocrat incontinently. It may take some time before you actually start earning a decent quantum of plutocrat by contributing to third- party spots. Still, it's worth your time and trouble. I hope this list of websites will help you have a good launch.

Always remember that you're most likely to be awarded for your high- quality work. So, noway compromise quality for volume.

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