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7 Useful Tools For Blogging

7 Useful Tools For Blogging

Searching for the simplest useful blogging tools for WordPress/Blogger websites and blogs? You’ve come to the proper place! during this article, we’ll offer you just that – Seven of the simplest and useful blogging tools available on the internet to assist you craft better blog posts, boost your traffic, rank on Google, and more.

Let’s begin:

Seven of the simplest and useful blogging tools for WordPress/Blogger websites and blogs.

    1. Grammarly

    Grammarly is one of my favorite blogging tool on this whole list. It helps you ensure proper grammar and spelling in your articles automatically! Great writing may be a key to executing your blog content strategy.

    Don't get caught plagiarizing

    You can install Grammarly Chrome Extension(it's free). It also compatible with Microsoft Word, WordPress. With this tool you will type right in your website or blog content and it will underline incorrect words and phrases. It can check 250 types of grammar, spelling, enhance vocabulary use and suggest citations.

    Grammarly completed million's of registered users and is employed by quite 600 educational and company clients, including Princeton University , University of South Florida, University of Virginia, and lots of others. Grammarly makes a meaningful impact in users’ lives; students recover grades, professionals accelerate their careers, and language learners improve their written English.

    2. Sendinblue

    Sendinblue is one of the best tool for digital marketing. With their advance email options you can design a customized email template. Furthermore, you can use it for custom SMS marketing. Also, use heat-maps, A/B testing and real time statistics to make a high converting email copy.

    I regularly recommend it for eCommerce, since Sendinblue comes with additional features like the Facebook ads module, re-targeting and landing page creation. We’ve been using Sendinblue ourselves, so we actually have first-hand experience on its abilities. of these features are the top reasons for why we added it to our list of useful tools for blogging.

    Sendinblue is a best digital marketing software and a strong email marketing tool. sign-up for free of charge on their platform.

    3. Quora

    If only there was a social media network where a deeper connection might be built and other people engaged with one another on a deeper level – imagine how useful that might be.

    Well, this network does exist. It’s called Quora.

    Quora is the crowdsourced question and answer website can help lead you to the kinds of questions that real people are asking, questions that you simply can answer in-depth with a blogpost. look for your keyword, and follow topics associated with your blog’s focus.

    Quora may be a useful gizmo for bloggers. it's everything you would like to interact with people and build a thriving online business.

    Quora has a tremendous and diverse community that you simply can leverage. If you ever experience writer’s block, you will tap into Quora to seek out ideas worth spreading – and you’ll never run low of blog post ideas.

    4. Canva

    Canva is perhaps the simplest tool on the online for creating custom images that you simply can then use either on social media or as a part of your blog posts. Think, featured images, in-content images, etc. Basically, anything to form your blog more visually appealing.

    What i prefer about Canva is that the quality of templates that they provide . one among the foremost important factors to succeeding with blogging and social media has great images that please the attention .

    One of my favorite sorts of images to share is that the quote overlay. this is often where you're taking a picture and add one among your favorite quotes thereto . consistent with Twitter’s own data, tweets with quotes got 19% more retweets than those without.

    Another great use of Canva is creating custom banners for your blog posts. These could are available the shape of your featured images, section headings, or images to elucidate a key point.

    5. Portent Title Maker

    Portent Title Maker helps you to create titles for your next blog post, video or podcast. All we have to do is simply enter a topic into the Portent Title Maker toll, and you will get a simple and unique title complete with helpful breakdowns of why the title might bring a good read. You can refresh if until you like the title.

    6. Revive Old Posts

    Revive Old Post may be a nifty tool that creates sharing your posts easy and automatic. It integrates directly together with your WordPress posts and randomly picks a post from your archive to be shared at intervals you select.

    While the tool isn’t as cheap as some others on this list, it reduces the quantity of your time you would like to spend remembering to share old posts or maybe believe social media. If you’re like many other blog and business owners who don’t like taking the time to constantly update their social feeds, this is often an excellent tool for you.

    If you don’t want to take a position within the premium version, there’s also a free edition of Revive Old Post. It works with Facebook and Twitter, which probably are the most networks you’re curious about anyway.

    When configuring the plugin, the recommended getting-started setup is to possess it share posts that have the minimum age of 30 days. That way, you'll actually “revive” them back from the archives (like the name of the plugin suggests). you'll also exclude your pages and specialise in your blog posts primarily. you almost certainly don’t want to be sharing your “about” page only too often, right?

    7. Live Chat

    While not the foremost obvious choice for a blog, having live chat capabilities can assist you better understand your readers. you'll ask them what they’d wish to examine , get their feedback on your writing, and obtain an understanding of their biggest pain points.

    There’s a couple of tools that we like when it involves live chat. Each of them slightly different, so supported your needs, some could be better for you than the others. you'll see all of them here. And if you don’t have the time to read that, you’re likely to be quite satisfied with Zendesk Chat:

    One of my favorite ways of using live chat is to gather survey results. you'll create an automatic message that goes bent all of your website visitors asking them to answer an issue or fill out a survey.

    You can create the survey with TypeForm. The shorter the survey, the higher your results are going to be . My best response came from a two-question survey, which was really only one multiple choice question and an optional free text entry posing for any commentary.

    Final Words

    The useful tools for blogging on this list have helped me to grow my audience, rank for keywords and build a good connection with my blog audience. And the bonus point is most of them are free of cost and affordable. 

    If you've got any questions on the blogging tools mentioned above or would really like to feature a tool of your own, leave us a comment below. We read every one!

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