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6 Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginner Without a Website

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners ( No Approvals Required)

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing program is all about picking up a product selecting a product and promoting it and then earning commission.

In this article I will share top  6 affiliate marketing programs for beginners that you can select to earn more money as a beginner and not only that these affiliate marketing program are so simple to join anyone can join, you don’t need to request approvals, you don’t need anything just sign up and start promoting  and see awesome results.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs

Read carefully and follow all steps.

Hello everyone I am Mohit Yadav from webJob and today I am so exited to share this article. Please share this article if found helpful for all the beginners who want to earn money form affilate marketing.

    1. Seobility

    Seobility is a free website SEO software for better optimization. With this tool you can do you SEO quickly, easily and of course feasibly.
    Seobility analyze you complete website by crawling all links. For a continuous review for website, each project is crawled and analyzed by their crawler to trace the process of you optimization.

    Bonus Ponit:
    You'll get 0.50 euro for every successful free trail signup.

    You get paid by paypal directly and the minimum payment threshold is 100 euro.

    2. Get Response

    It is an email marketing service if you go to affiliate marketing program there are two option and both are really awesome the first one they will give you 100$ for each sale and this a perfect program or you have a second program which is 33% recurring commission for every costumer you refer this is really perfect. And what’s nice about get response you have to just signup you don’t need to request for approval or anything just signup in one minute and you can start promoting. And also what’s awesome about get response if you go to the affiliate marekting program dashboard you will see all the tools you will have everything what you need to start promoting.

    For example if you want to promote with email you will see there email templates and email copies to send directly these are ready email templates to start promoting with your email marketing campaigns.

    How do I get paid?
    Get response pay your monthly commission on 20th of each month by Paypal. 

    3. Active Campaign

    Active campaign is also one of the top email marketing services you can join its partner program to earn 30% recurring commission.  Now I only mentioned an important point in active campaign and get response these email marketing services why they are impotent simply when you refer a costumer to an email marketing services its somehow difficult to leave these services why because you have import its contact you have build its sale’s corner so all its data will be saved in this service so leaving such services bit hard. So you may insure almost 90% that these costumers will stick to these services and you can earn a recurring amount on monthly basis.

    4. SEMRush

    SEMRush is an seo services company it provide you a lots of tools to rank you website and to get more and more free organic traffic. What’s nice about semrush affiliate marketing program they pay up to 40% recurring commission on every costumer which is very awesome. 

    Bonus Point:

    You'll get 0.02$ to 0.10$ for every free trial sign-up.

    5. Click Funnels

    Click funnels is one of the top services in creating sale on our planet it’s also give 40% monthly recurring commission. You can make 40$ every month for every customer. It will provide lots of tools which will help you in generating sales.


    • Simple Drag and Drop Webpage Editor
    • Quick Build Sales Funnels That Convert
    • Smart Shopping Cart 
    • Email And Facebook Marketing Automation
    • Everything Organized In One Simple Dashboard.

    6. Tube Buddy

    Tube buddy is simply a tools to help YouTube grow their YouTube channel. With this tool you can you manage, Optimize, and grow your channel. Sign-up today, and what nice about tube buddy it gives you upto 50% recurring commissions you can simply join its 100% free just join in few minutes and start money by affiliate marketing.


    • Productivity Tools
    • Bulk Processing
    • Video Seo
    • Promotion
    • Data & Research and More.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

    Q. What is a recurring commission?

       A.   What Are Recurring Commissions? In short, recurring commissions is that money money which you will for every purchase one of your referrals makes, it's not just a  one time commission on their first purchase alone. ... Like normal, you will get this amount every month until user leave those service.

    Final words

    I hope have you enjoyed this article I have share 6 affiliate marketing programs in india today all have recurring commission program to earn upto 10X more money with affiliate marketing don’t forget to share this article.

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