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Free SEO Tools for Blogger or WordPress 2022

8 Free SEO Tools for Blogger or WordPress

Last Updated on 02/06/2022

In This article i will share 8 free SEO tools for Blogger or WordPress. by using these SEO tools you can audit your website, check SEO related issues and monitor your site to make it SEO friendly.

Let's read bit about SEO:

    What is SEO?

    SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization which is the practice of enhancing website organic traffic. Common tasks in SEO is creating unique and high-quality content, optimizing keywords and creating backlinks.

    In simple words:
    SEO is all about improving a website's ranking within the organic(non-paid) part of search results.

    Here is the list of 9 free SEO tools:

    1. Seobility

    Seobility is one of my favourite free SEO software for your blog / website for better optimization. With this tool you can do you SEO quickly, easily and of course feasibly.
    Seobility analyze you complete website by crawling all links. For a continuous review for website, each project is crawled and analyzed by their crawler to trace the process of you optimization.

    2. Keywords Everywhere

    Keywords Everywhere is a keyword research tool. It is Chrome extension you can easily find it in Chrome Web Store. This tool show you monthly volume, cpc and competition figure of your keyword in search results. Also it will provide related keywords and you can find long tail keywords details in it's people also search column which will help you in creating unique content. You can see this example image:
    8 Free SEO Tools for Blogger keyword everywhere

    3.  H-Supertools

    This tool is provided by H-Educate which is a great YouTube channel you can find lots of useful videos about seo and blogging. H-Supertools is not just provide you keywords data rather it will provide lots of information about website like Backlinks, Search Volume, Cpc figure and so on.

    4. Counting Characters

    Use of this tool is bit different. You have read everywhere that meta title should be in 70 characters and meta description should be in 150 characters. But this information is no properly correct. Actually in search results Google count pixel not characters. for example if you used "I" in your title or used more capital word in your meta title then then calculation of pixels can be messed. Counting Character help you in that case it will show you the correct pixels data live in SERP page for you link, meta title and meta description so that you can optimize SERP look.

    5. Answer the Public

    This one is the awesome tool when i firstly know about this tools my reaction is blank. Answer the public basically provide you the ideas for content creation. Usually bloggers, social media marketers and the web master are also worry's about how to create tons of new content and on which topics daily. This tool help you in that case it will provide you idea's for your content in question style, preposition style,comparison and related search. All you have to do is simply search your main keyword.
    8 Free SEO Tools for Blogger answer the public

    6. MozBar

    Mozbar is also a chrome extension after installation of this extension find any page domain authority, page authority in search results which is useful also you can find a link analysis button to find more about website like keywords, backlinks and so on. 
    One interesting is that the domain authority(DA) is't the official figure of Google rater it is the figure of Moz.

    7. SEMRush

    SemRush is the greatest seo tool in world all tho the paid version of this tool is maybe very costly for small or business owners. But.. but it will provide daily 10 search in free version. So don't wait just go and create free account put the URL and find everything what you want like domain overview, traffic analysis, organic research, keyword data, backlinks data, ranking date, on page seo, technical seo, and reporting everything about seo.

    8. WooRank

    WooRank is a website analyzer tool. It will check your website technically and show you the date which you should change as per seo point of view. I mean it will show you tons of tons of errors like seo related analysis, SERP look, alt tag, keyword information, robot text, schema data, domain information and social media information also.
    And the bonus point is you can use this tool without creating account.  

    Some General Queries

    How can I SEO my blog post for free?

    1. Use 1–2 long-tail keywords.
    2. Use keywords strategically throughout the blog post.
    3. Optimize for mobile devices.
    4. Optimize the meta description.
    5. Include image alt text.
    6. Limit topic tags.
    7. Include user-friendly URL structures.
    8. Link to related blog posts.

    What are the SEO score factors?

    These include:
    1. HTTPS Test.
    2. Server Signature Test.
    3. Safe Browsing Test.
    4. Directory Browsing Test.
    5. Plaintext Emails Test.

    Hope you get your free seo tool for your blogger or wordpress website 
    Please share this article if found helpful.

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