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10 Alternative ad Networks for Small Publisher

10 Alternative Ad Networks for Small Publisher

 Here i am going to share best 10 list of Alternative ad networks for small publisher or new bloggers.
Basically there are lots of ad networks available across the world but i will only recommend those i have already used.

There’s no doubt about it — AdSense have became the most popular advertising platforms.

Basically there are lots of ad networks available across the world but i will only recommend those i have already used.

But simply because this giant is the most used platforms for online advertising, doesn't mean that you shouldn't take advantage of other ad networks as also.

Reasons to Look Beyond Adsense

Adsense is great platforms for driving targeted traffic to your websites or social profiles. However, there are a couple reasons to consider alternatives.

First of all, there’s the cost factor mentioned earlier. The cost of advertising on the Google and Facebook networks is pretty high, given the amount of competition from other bidders.

1. Airpush

Airpush is a mobile advertising network that allows advertisers to reach viewers on over 150,000 applications. Airpush prides itself on transparency and all app users have opted into their ads, which means that users viewing these ads should be more receptive than customers on many competing mobile ad networks.

2. Ad Recover

Ad Recover is an ad network that works by recovering your ad blocked inventory. Because of this, the network are able to monetize this in a way other publishers are not able to, which gives you a larger range of publishers to deploy your ads on.

3. BulletProfit

BulletProfit is a media buying platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help advertisers boost their ROI. Advertisers can use the network’s proprietary data to create personalized ads to engage with customers in new and innovative ways. And the bonus point is it #Made in India.

4. Advertising.com

Advertising.com is one of the oldest online advertising platforms, but it remains one of the most effective. The network offers a number of advanced features, including a Dynamic Retargeter that lets you deliver individualized ads to every viewer. You can also use videos, widgets and rich media features to connect with customers on all devices. 

5. AdRoll

AdRoll is an advertising platform that offers retargeting and multi-device display advertising services. Their retargeting feature is available for ads on Facebook, Twitter and countless other sites, while their staff offers excellent support to help you leverage retargeting to its fullest potential. Check it out if you’re new to retargeting and need some hand-holding to help get you up-to-speed.

6. Adsterra Network

Adsterra started with a friendship and grew to be a successful business that still retains its core values: putting great emphasis on teamwork, transparency, commitment, consistency, quality, and always being ready to support and help out both clients and colleagues. The company was founded in 2013 by professional affiliate marketers and webmasters with (as of now) 20+ years of experience.

7. Adblade

Adblade is a premium CPC ad network of 1,000 branded sites that reach over 300 million monthly users. Unlike many other ad networks, the company is constantly monitoring their site inventory to make sure that only the high quality publishers are allowed to serve their advertisements.

8. AdSTargets

AdSTargets is a global advertising technology startup connecting Advertisers and Publishers for maximum Advertising experience. and provide great Traffic monetization platform for publishers willing to sell their traffic with display ads.

9. TrafficForMe

TrafficForMe is one of the oldest email marketing companies in the world. They’ve been testing traffic since 1999, giving them the knowledge and experience needed to get your message on the right lists. The network can deliver up to 100,000 clicks a day, so there’s sufficient volume for nearly any campaign.

10. Evadav

Evadav is another native advertising platform worth looking into. They claim to have wider reach than Outbrain and other native ad providers.

Final Words

AdSense is great, but it definitely isn't the only ad networks in world. Take the time to make yourself aware of other options out there that are more flexible, cheaper and may even be a better fit for your audience. New ad networks are being launched every year.

Combine new opportunities with old platforms. Assess onsite engagement to ensure that your clicks are generating a return on investment.

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