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6 Crowd Job Platforms for Earn some extra Income

6 Crowd Job Platform to earn extra income


Are you looking for Crowd Job platforms and websites for ear some extra income a decent side income? You may have frequently come across freelance jobs as opportunities to earn some extra cash. But a lot of freelance jobs require skilled workers for which you may not have the required skill-set.

If you are looking for freelance work that doesn’t require any hard skills then you should find opportunities on crowd job and micro job platforms. These platforms have work opportunities and offerings for the masses. Such tasks involve small tasks that require little or no skill. For example, you can earn money for watching videos, completing forms, labeling images and more.

After the evolution of Gig economy, freelance and micro jobs companies have thrived. It’s also been a great thing for general public because it gives them the opportunity to diversify their work mode. Also if you’re doing a full-time job, you can still benefit from these platforms and earn side-money in your spare time.

Crowd Job Platforms that Pay

    Here’s a list of websites that let you make money for simple tasks.

    1. TeemWork.ai

    TeemWork is a business service company that hires people from around the globe to provide valuable insights on their IT projects. Working for Teemwork means you get to contribute to leading IT projects and help their business grow by providing in-depth analysis of their services
    The company offers jobs to people skilled in languages and technology. These jobs range from hardware testing, data entry, and language translation. Working for TeemWork means you get to choose your work hours, which can help you maintain a good work-life balance.
    You can search for a job by typing in keywords in the job search bar on the website. Simply create your profile on the website and mention all the work experience and skills related to the job you are looking for. It is recommended to keep your profile up to date to receive job notifications related to your area of expertise Click Here to Join TeemWork

    2. Clickworker

    Clickworker is a crowdsourcing site that has over 2 million workers working on different projects. The website allows ease of work for its workers by offering flexible working hours. Workers have the option to choose what kind tasks they want to work on.

    Clickworker offers a wide range of job categories to choose from. Users can work on text creation which involves writing descriptions/articles about a product or any topic. Other types of work include proofreading, copywriting, filling surveys, collecting data for companies, app testing, capturing images, recordings and working on data for research.
    The website offers its users easy work assessments in the beginning and allows them to increase their earnings with the quality of work. Users also have 24/7 customer support to help them with any query or problem. Payments are made via Paypal or SEPA on a weekly or monthly basis.
    To start earning on the website, you need to sign-up and create your profile. You will then be required to complete short assessments related to your work. If you succeed in this step, you will be able to start earning on Clickworker.
     Click Here to Join Clickworker

    3. UserCrowd

    UserCrowd is a platform that provides feedback services to companies for their product designs. It operates by providing these companies useful data to help them make their products better.
    Testers on UserCrowd complete surveys to provide this data and also earn some money through these tasks. You don’t need any design expertise or any design knowledge to become a tester; anyone can become a tester by providing honest feedback on a product by completing surveys.
    For every response completed, testers will earn credits. Once you have completed 100 credits, you will be able to request a payout via PayPal. The responses are priced at 20 cents per credit. Some responses offer 2 or more credits as well. This means you will be able to request payment after you have accumulated $10.
    To become a tester on UserCrowd, you can sign up on the website and start earning through completing surveys. Notifications regarding jobs are communicated via email so keep checking your email for more job opportunities. Click Here to Join UserCrowd

    4. Gain.gg

    Gain is another good crowd platform that allows users to earn by completing small tasks. This platform allows you to browse through a wide range of jobs and you also have many options for withdrawing money. These jobs range from watching videos, completing surveys, downloading apps and etc.

    On Gain, you will complete offers to gain coins. These coins will then convert to cash. Every 1000 coins are worth $1. Users need to complete a minimum of 10,000 coins before they can make a withdrawal. You can request a withdrawal through PayPal.
    To start working on Gain, you need to sign-in using Google or Steam Click Here to Join Gain

    5. TheWorkCrowd

    TheWorkCrowd allows freelancers to connect with employers all over the world. To start earning, you will first be required to sign-up on the website. Once you have created a user profile, you can add your experiences and skills to create a profile that matches the projects you are looking for.

    For the profile, you should add a photograph, experience, career highlights, pitch, and a CV. It is also recommended to add a reference letter to increase your chances of getting hired. The website will then match your profile with relevant projects, and you will be able to choose which project you want to work on. You will then be contacted directly with the client to further discuss the position.

    Whenever the client books you on a project, you will be able to start working. The amount paid will be decided between you and the client. Make sure to include the 15% service fee and VAT before you decide on an amount. Payments are done via PayPal. Click Here to Join TheWorkCrowd

    6. CrowdContent

    CrowdContent is a content writing job platform that is used by thousands of writers to earn through freelance writing tasks. The website is a great way for professional content writers to earn. If you reside in any of the English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, then you are eligible to apply for the jobs offered on this platform.

    Jobs offered are of various skill levels. Beginners, as well as professional writers, can find jobs to match their needs. CrowdContent has clients from different industries like sports, health and fitness, eCommerce, technology, marketing as well as real estate and legal firms.

    As a writer, you have an opportunity to work on any project of your niche. Writing assignments vary from blog posts, product descriptions, and SEO content to e-books, copywriting, technical writing, and many more.

    To start working, create a profile and start applying for jobs. All jobs will be available to you. You will be rated based on your quality of the application. This rating will help improve the work opportunities you see on your dashboard. CrowdContent has payday twice a week so you won’t have to wait long for your payment to arrive. 

    Click Here to Join CrowdContent

    Crowd job platforms are a great place to look for freelance work that doesn’t require any skill. It is an easy way to earn extra income in the comfort and flexibility of your home.

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