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Update Correct Father Name on EPF UAN Account

In this article we will explain how you can update your correct Name, Father Name, date of birth, Gender and other basic details.


Employee Provident Fund is one of the social security services which all the employees of India provided with in order for them to plan their retirements with some saving money that they can use to plain and secure their retirement.

If you are a member of Employee Provident Funds Organisation (EPFO) then you might understand that it is crucial for all employees.


One of the key and essential reasons why not just your name but also your basic details like father name, date of birth and gender on your PF account. If any of your details not match with your adhar card then you have to request to update the correct details on your epf account.

Some Details Like Employee Name, Date of Birth is currently available to update online on member home portal but for father name correction there is no option available if you want to update your father name on epf account then you have to submit Joint declaration and responsibility letter with adhar card and pan card so that epf department can update your correct details on your pf account.

Joint Declaration Form

Responsibility Letter

*Responsibility letter should be singed on lettterhead 

1.   Can We Edit or Add Father Name in UAN Online

Currently, there is no option available to update your father name on UAN portal online. You must have to submit Joint Declaration Form and Joint Declaration form to your EPF office to get update your correct details.

2.   Is it require to have a father’s name for the nominee in the PF account?

Yes, it's essential for any hand who wants to produce a common protestation on their hand provident fund account. It's so because, in case if they aren't suitable to withdraw the quantum also the father who's the coming designee can withdraw in hand’s vantage. To insure this process carried out duly the father’s name on your PF account should match correct name on attestations.


1.   What if my employer does not approve the Joint Declaration for the father’s name change?

In case if the employer doesn't authorize your request also you may directly write to the UAN support dispatch. Ask the platoon to authorize your request for your father’s name change. give all the necessary documents to give them with your father’s visage card for easy blessing.

 In this article i will try to answer blow queries 

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