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Zareklamy App Complete Review


Zareklamy App Complete Review

Zareklamy app allows you to earn money for completing simple tasks such as playing simple games, answering survey questions, watching video’s (actually ads) and shopping online.

The good thing is that the Zareklamy app is if this is really a legit platform to earn money by just doing some simple tasks then this app will the best application for earning money in my knowledge. Well our team just testing this app from last 7 days.

For each task, the Zareklamy app will pay you around 10 to 15 point which mean $ 0.001 and the best part is the dashboard its look link Google Adsens dashboard. once you complete the task, you will see the amount in the in your earning section.

The minimum payment threshold is $25 and once you earn half of you payment threshold Zareklamy team will send you a verification letter just like Google Adsens.

Types Of Earning Methods in Zareklamy App

There are total four methods you will find in the Zareklamy app. Let’s know more about both of these.

Play Games

In Play games section, you can earn money by playing some simple game. But those games are not in-app games you have to download them from play store to earn money.

Fill Out Surveys

Fill Out Surveys section is bit harder the other methods. There are lots of survey are available but you have to qualified to earn money.

Watch Videos

Watch Video section is my favorite because you don’t have to do anything to earn money just click on watch video (actually ads) and money will be credit in your wallet.

Online Shopping

In this section you have to do online shopping to earn money in Zareklamy app.


Zareklamy also have a referral program as Inviting is an additional opportunity to make money on Zareklamy. People you invite need to earn and withdraw money on Zareklamy, and you will earn from it. On the Referral program page, you will find your own unique referral link, which you can change whenever you want. Anyone who has an account on Zareklamy can invite and earn through this program. You need to get as many people as possible to create account and start earning money through your own link.

Final Words

Yes, the zareklamy app is legit, available on the play store. It pays you for watching videos, browsing, referrals, and many other things. It also has the option of spend and earns but I don't prefer to spend on this app unless you get your first payment and that first payment you can spend. It's not a loss for you

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