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Latest Minimum Wages Notification of Haryana W.E.F-01/07/2021


Latest Minimum Wages Notification of Haryana W.E.F-01/07/2021

As Per Notification I.R- 2/2021/20632-782, dated 01-09-2021 the Government of Haryana has been revised the variable dearness allowance for the state of Haryana with effect from 1st July 2021.

Effective from Date: 1st Jul 2021 Updated As On: 1st Sep. 2021

Class of EmploymentQualification and experienceBasic Per Day from 21th Oct 2015Total Per Month as on 1 Jan 2021 ANew DA Applicable from 1st July 2021 BMinimum Wages from 1st Jul 2021 A+B (Monthly)Per Day
UnskilledNA7,600.009703.68 99.569803.24377.04
Semi Skilled Class ANA798010188.83104.5310293.36395.89
Semi-Skilled Class BNA837910698.26109.7610808.02415.69
Skilled Class ANA8,797.9511233.18115.2511348.43436.47
Skilled Class BNA9237.8511794.85121.0111915.86458.30
Highly SkilledNA9699.7412384.59127.0612511.65481.21



Definition of Unskilled, Semi-skilled, Skilled & Highly Skilled Workers.

(i) Unskilled:

An unskilled employee is one who does operations that involve the performance of straightforward duties, which require the experience of little of no independent judgment or previous experience although familiarity with the occupational environment is important . His work may thus require additionally to workout familiarity with sort of articles or goods.

(ii) Semi-skilled:

A semiskilled worker is one who does work generally of defined routine nature wherein the main requirement isn't such a lot of the judgment, skill and except for proper discharge of duties assigned to him or relatively narrow job and where important decisions made by others. His work is thus limited to the performance of routine operations of limited scope.

(iii) Skilled:

A skilled employee is one who is capable of working efficiently of exercising considerable independent judgement and of discharging his duties with responsibility. He must posses a radical and comprehensive knowledge of the trade, craft or industry during which he's employed.

(iv) Highly Skilled:

A highly trained worker is one who is capable of working efficiently and supervises efficiently the work of skilled employees.

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