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Cricstox Full Review 2021

Cricstox Full Review 2021

In this Cricstox review, we'll be browsing all the steps involved while trading digital assets. Moreover, we'll also glance at the platform’s fees, security, and, most significantly , pros and cons. Campare to others this platform is trustable and keeps your money safe. However, it's always advised to travel through the platform’s work and attain knowledge before investing your hard-earned money.

What is Cricstox?

CricStox may be a revolutionary new platform that mixes CRICKET with the stock exchange . You read that right!

In Simple words

A skilled based game to trade stox for cricketers for free of charge .

Trade in the stocks of your favorite cricketer's across Indian Premier League (IPL) and international teams. it's completely FREE-to-play, but gives you an attempt at winning REAL CASH PRIZES EVERY WEEK!

also having an internet site https://cricstox.in/

Cricstox App

The trading cricket with stox is entirely centered on mobile users and is aiming at making trading a far off process. you'll use Cricstox app to its traders because they need their website cricstox.in but you've got trade on mobile version.

They published their application on 16th July 2021

How to earn on Cricstox?

To start earning on Cricstox, you've got to download their form play store then you initially got to register yourself, complete your KYC, deposit either money, then you'll proceed towards making money.

Registration at Cricstox

The registration process is straightforward you only need to fill your name and email account and your account is activated now. And you'll get 25k point only for sign-up.

Earning Coins on CricStox:

  • You will need coins to trade and subscribe IPOs
  • You receive a signup sum of 15,000 coins + another 5,000 coins on employing a referral code
  • Refer your family and frieds and play quizzes to earn coins
  • Sell orders and dividend's can get you some coins from trading stocks

CricStox Leaderboard & Cash Prizes:

 This is that the end game all of your kill and efforts are for leaderboard points = realized profits + change in unrealized profits + dividend

 Maximize leaderboard points to rank high and earn cash prizes hebdomadally 

How is that the listing price selected CricStox?

The listing price of a cricketer IPO is predicated on a mathematical calculation designed by CricStox supported factors like historical statistics, recency, and ICC rankings.

When and the way are IPOs announced on CricStox?

IPOs for the week are announced through notifications on the app. Upcoming IPOs are often found within the Action tab.

The listing schedule is at the discretion of CricStox and is set on factors like relevance and recency.

How to subscribe an IPO?

Subscribe to an ongoing IPO on CricStox by getting to the IPOs screen under the Action tab, where you'll apply to the stocks of your required cricketer(s).

At the time of closing of an IPO's subscription-window, an stock allotment algorithm is run. you'll receive the specified stocks and/ or receive a refund of your coins for failed allotments.

Final Words

so my opinion i exploit lot of apps to form money and cricstox is one among them so i'm really satisfied with the cash i win their by just a few cricket knowledge

From my POV. it's legitimate app to take a position some time and skills to earn weekly cash

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  1. Hey bro, can u tell when are the dividends announced on CricStox ?? Is it after each maych or each series and when is it announced like on the day when the series is over or the next day ?? Thanks, ur review was helpful