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AttaPoll App Review - Is It Legit? (Detailed Review 2021)

AttaPoll App Review - Is It Legit?

 AttaPoll App Review– uninterested in being scammed? Then we are glad you're here! In these times, it's normal to be skeptical with applications claiming to be legit, also as be mindful of scam apps to save lots of some time , effort, and investment. 

In this review, we are getting to discuss AttaPoll Application—revealing if AttaPoll legit or scam.

    What is AttaPoll App? – Attapoll app review

    AttaPoll App is an application that allows you to answer occasional surveys which you'll get money reciprocally through your mobile . Currently, you'll download the app through your android phone via Google Play Store, also install it on your IOS devices.

    How Does AttaPoll App Works?

    This mobile-only app may be a platform that connects you with a good range of companies and organizations seeking people’s opinion and views about something. 

    Aside from the commissions that you simply may earn by answering questions, it also allows you to help these companies to understand the present situation of consumers to develop new products or services, also as enhance the prevailing items. 

    Now, if you're able to join, this AttaPoll app review also will teach you on how you'll join. 

    Register using your Google Account

    As of now, you'll only register via your Google account, so confirm that you simply check in or ready your account beforehand There you're , you're all set!

    How am I Able to Earn Through AttaPoll App?

    What makes this application fun and interesting is that it's two ways on the way to earn some money. the subsequent are the choices you'll choose between to start out your venture from no-money to earning life. 

    Join Attapoll by our referral link:

    Take Paid Surveys

    As mentioned above, the most choice to earn from this app is by taking and answering surveys. And guess what? you're the boss of your own time on this application. 

    You get to regulate whether to settle on if you would like short or long surveys and choose if what percentage surveys you would like to be tasked to answer every day or per week. 

    Once you log in, you'll be immediately directed to the list of surveys, and every survey has corresponding credits you'll get, and it's also mentioned how long it'll take you to end the survey (but this may still depend upon how briskly you're ready to answer the questions). 

    IMPORTANT TIP: Before answering a survey, you’ll need to get through with a qualifying question, and it's indeed important, to be HONEST, and be according to your answers. Note that you simply can get blacklisted if you're always changing your information/ answer to an equivalent question. 

    Does Attapoll have a Referral Program?

    To maximize your earning, AttaPoll app also allows you to share your source of earnings to your family, friends or colleagues. Once you log in, you'll automatically have a singular invite link, and you'll share it to the people you recognize . 

    Once they successfully join AttaPoll using your invite link, they're going to be your referral, and you'll receive credits if they join and answer a minimum of 3 surveys. 

    How much Money are you able to Earn through AttaPoll App?

    Now that you simply have already signed up, logged in and know what ways to earn, it's best to understand if the efforts you'll be investing are deserve its rewards. 

    Here’s the breakdown of what proportion you'll earn through this app: 

    Upon logging in, you'll have £0.10 as your bonus.

    In order to live , you'll got to earn a minimum of 300 credits which are adequate to £3 or $5.

    • 1 credit is like GBP 0.01 

    • 300 credits-£3

    Thus, the quantity that you simply can earn on this platform is how regularly you're taking surveys, also as depends on some time and energy .

    How am i able to live My Earnings from AttaPoll App?

    There also are various ways to live , but this relies on the credits you earned:

    • £3: 300 credits- PayPal

    • £10: 10,000 credits- Bitcoin

    • £10: 10,000 credits- Ethereum

    • £0.5: 50 credits- Donation

    Is AttaPoll App Legit or Scam?

    Looking at the reviews and comments of users, AttaPoll App is LEGIT! Nevertheless, a bit like any application, this also has negative and positive sides so if you would like to understand more, keep reading and determine if the AttaPoll app is deserve some time and energy . 

    What are The Cons and Pros of PlaySpot App?


    Available for Android and IOS devices

    Good news for those that only have mobile devices as you'll take surveys just using your phone, anywhere and anytime! 

    Good Payment threshold and live Options

    £3 or $5 is that the minimum amount you would like to realize to possess your first live , which may be a low threshold compared to other reward-earning apps. this may allow you to become closer to your goal immediately.

    They also offer PayPal as a mode of money out, a simple and secure platform to transfer your earnings.

    You are the boss

    You control everything. From the amount of surveys, you would like to answer to the length of surveys you favor to answer, AttaPoll app gives you the ultimate stand to make a decision.


    Low payment

    Though you'll have the maximum amount as surveys you would like to possess , there's no guarantee that you simply will receive surveys. Also, the credits you'll have each survey is low; that’s why you've got to double your effort on answering various surveys to succeed in the minimum payment threshold. 

    You can get disqualified during a survey

    There are several negative feedbacks that you simply can still get disqualified even AFTER answering a survey. 

    No new surveys

    A lot of users also expressed their annoyance that apart from getting disqualified, there also are limited surveys.


    Is AttaPoll safe?

    This is a legit app that permits you to earn small amounts of cash quickly. Because it's a coffee payout of £2.50/$5, you ought to easily each this within a couple of days. you'll also earn extra by referring friends.

    How to get more surveys on AttaPoll?

    You have to remember few points to get more surveys on AttaPoll which is mentioned below:

    • Never join too many survey sites, only a couple of legit ones.
    • Never spend an excessive amount of or too less time.
    • Don't expect to urge rich taking surveys.
    • Refer others.
    • Complete your profile.
    • Update your profile regularly.
    • Answer Questions Smartly.

    Why do I get disqualified from AttaPoll surveys?

    When you're screened out, it's always because your demographic isn't needed at that point . When you're disqualified, your demographic could have matched what the survey needed.

    Do you have to pay for AttaPoll?

    No, You don't have to pay to earn on AttaPolls. It is totally free you can join form our referral link.

    Final Words

    This AttaPoll review concludes that the AttaPoll is legit, but you've got to think about the great and bad stuff about this app. Will it cause you to rich? Is it worth it? If you're an enthusiast of free reward-earning applications, then you'll make this as a side hustle to earn some few dollars. 

    However, if you're trying to find a gentle job, then AttaPoll won’t offer you that much to support your living.

    Let me know within the comment section if you've got used it. Or how does it works for you.

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