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11 Free Amazing Services With Student Email Account

11 Free Amazing Services With Student Email Account

I am sharing an aggregated list of the best software and services you can get for Free with a student email account. By a student email account, I actually mean an email account with a .edu domain.

If you have that, you'd amazed at the list of things you are entitled to.
Here is what you can get with student email account:

Keep reading to learn more about free services with student email account, plus:
  • What can I get for free with a student email?
  • How can I get a free edu email address?
  • What is free with edu email?
  • What can you do with student email?

    1. GitHub Student Devloper Pack

    There is no substitute for hands on experience. except for most students, world tools are often cost-prohibitive. That's why Github created the GitHub Student Developer Pack with a help of our friends and partners: to provide students free access to the simplest developer tools in one place in order that they can learn by doing.

    All Offers:-

    • Canva- Free 12 month subcription of Canva's Pro tier.
    • DigitalOcean- $100 in platform credit for new users.
    • Namecheap- 1 year free domain with SSL certificate.
    • Microsoft Azure- Free access to 25+ Microsoft Azure cloud services plus   $100 in Azure credit.
    • Name.com- 1 year free domain with advance security (SSL, privacy  protection and more).
    • GitHub- Free GitHub pro until you are a student.
    • Datacamp- Free 3 months individual subscription.

    2. Free Microsoft Office 365

    Students and teachers from eligible institutions can login for Office 365 Education for free of cost, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Microsoft Team and more classroom tools, Just use your valid school email address to get this benifits today.

    3. Free .me Domain

    NameCheap is the popular domains and web hosting company are offer one year of .me domain to students for free of cost with a SSL certificate.

    4. Notion App Premium

    Notion is one of the popular note-taking app has also completely free for students worldwide. Just register with your .edu email account to get the premium version for free of cost.

    5. eSurveyCreater

    School and colleges students frequently require the survey tools for thier school/college projects. With eSurveyCreater you can easily create survey without any cost.

    6. Google Suit for Education

    Would you belive if i told you, Google Suit also offer free service to eligible institutions. Since you can't directly get this service as a student. Your instituions have to enroll in google's program to be eligible to provide free services to students.

    7. Sharp3d 

    Sharp3d is the best 3D modeling and designing platform and it used by industry professionals. You can use Sharp3d for industrial designing, Create manufacturable models, Visualize 3D concept and you can design your own products and you can do all this offiline. Now you can get this tools for free of cost with you student email account

    8. Gliffy

    Gliffy is online diagram creator tool with Gliffy you can create and share atrective charts, your plans, ideas and concepts. Gliffy is Trusted by almost 4 Million Users. You can Easily Import Visio Files and it Supports all platforms.
    Key Features:
    • Flowcharts
    • Org Charts
    • Wireframes
    • Database Diagrams
    • Network Maps
    • Entity Diagrams.
    With you student email account you can its subscription for free.

    9. SketchBook

    SketchBook is a popular sketching and painting software for 3d graphics designing with this tool desinger, concept artist and arthitects can create stunning illustractions quickly.
    Key Features:
    Perspetive Guides On Mobile
    Curved Ruler
    Natural Drawing experience
    Unlimited brushes
    Work With Layers Naturally
    Four Symmetry Dimenssions

    With you student email account you can SketchBook's subscription for 3 years at no extra cost.

    10. Portfolio Box Pro

    Portfoliobox is a great tool for creating online portfolio sites which is used by professional creatives like designers,photographers, makeup artists, architects and models etc. In this tool you aren't forced to choose a standred theme. You can choose any style for your website and make a quite unique site that reflects you and your hard work. quite 1,000,000 websites are created with Portfoliobox.

    Portfolio Box provide free pro subcription for students from thier partner schools.

    11. Amazon Prime Student

    I think everyone knows about Amazon. Amazon privide free 6 month trail for students with prime account you can get delivery in just one day and lots of Prime feature like Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video, Prime Delivery, Early access to latest deals, Prime reading, Amazon Warehouse, Amazon Photos and lots of exiting offers. Also you can continune your subscription after 6 month in half of regular subscription price.


    What can you do with student email?

    Student Email or .EDU email comes with lots of benefits that are availabe only for student on internet. As i share few free service only for students.

    Can i use my college email for anything?

    Your .edu email or your college email feels like it's yours, But it is property of your college/ university. They can desable it permanently and without any notice in certian conditions.

    Does Netflix have a student discount?

    Netflix have a huge library of TV shows and films, including tons of new originals, brand name and old favorites, but it doesn't have a student discount. If you are a student trying to urge by on a decent budget, there's unfortunately no Netflix student discount to assist ease that burden. 

    How to get free .edu email account?

    Unfortunatlly, There is no legit way to get .edu email for without joining any institude/university. I will share id there is any legit way availave in future.

    Final Words

    As you read in this article there are lots of free services avaible on internet for student with .edu email. Hope you enjoyed this article.
    Please comment below if you want to know about more service available for students.

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