Requirement of Browser & Java Version for EPF Unified Portal

Requirement of Browser  Java Version for EPF Unified Portal


·          ·          Mozilla Firefox setup for Epfo

·          ·          Java Setup for Epfo

·          ·          Some Frequntly asked question about how to setup java and browser        

Those who face problems while using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in site may follow the under mentioned instructions/settings for verification of epf member’s details like KYC details/Online claims/Online name change requests etc. Mozilla Firefox may be a browser where one can easily use the DSC with none error.

In this article i'll answers few most asked questions while using digital signatures on epfo wibsite like:-

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your current browser version no longer supports java. you may choose to either use esign for digital signing or any browser version with java support for dsc 

    Follow below mentioned steps to fix java not working on epfo sites issue:

    Mozilla Firefox Setup


    Firefox not provides NPAPI support (technology required for Java applets) As of September, 2018. So that we have to download and install Older version of Firefox which support java.

    Download Firefox version 41(32 bit). 
    You can download it form here (Download link updated)


    Just after installation of firefox 41(32 bit) click on menu option(the three lines below the browser close button in top right) then click on options.


    We have to disable auto updated if our browser will updated automaticly we can't use digital signature or java in updated browser.

    In the Option menu click on advance and then click on update option. Finally select Never check for updates ( not recommended security risk).

    mozilla setup for dsc image1

    mozilla setup for dsc image2

    Java Setup

    Firefox supports 32bit version of java so download the latest version of 32 bit java form office oracle site or you can directly download it form here. 

    Greate, Now you can use your digital signature on Epf unified portal.

    Final Words

    If You still getting any type to java error just close your firefox browser and window start menu then search for "java confirgure" then move to security tab and click on add site and add this link "" and click on OK. And try again.

    If you still getting any issues write us at

    Our team will help you over remote desktop

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    2. Very useful i was facing DSC Registration issue. now it is soved through JAVA nad Mozila set up.

      THANKS !

    3. Thank you so much it is working 100%

    4. Please use Firefox 43.0 Version and Java 32 bit latest version.
      from below link :

      firefox 43.0 -

      Java 32 Bit -

    5. Thank you very much for your great help.

    6. Thanks a lot for documenting this. This is a big help for us.


    8. Sir, windows 7 suitable Firefox and java please

      1. Provide version of mozilla and Java works in every version on windows.

    9. In windows 10 64 bit for epf dsc registration ,the dsc token is not visible for proceeding further. Can you suggest how to solve this. DSC token was renewed, when trying to register in epf, it is not showing