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10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

In this article i will answer some most asked questions about live chat plugnis for wordpress like "What is the best live chat plugin for WordPress?" or " How can i add a live chat feature in my WordPress website?" Dn't worry there are lots of software companies that have created live-chat plugin specifically for WordPress. I will povide you a review of 11 best live chat plugins for WordPress.

11 Best live chat plugings for WordPress:

    1. LiveChat

    LiveChat may be a powerful chat and helpdesk software ideal for eCommerce sales, customer support, and lead generation. The LiveChat plugin is supports rich messaging with integrated menus and carousels for product recommendations.

    Who is it good for?

    The LiveChat WordPress plugin is right for eCommerce businesses that have high volumes of traffic and wish an answer which will automate processes without involving the customer support team. We recommended LiveChat to businesses that are already established and have a budget to figure with because there’s no free version available, and therefore the most advanced paid plan may be a bit costly at $59 per agent per month.


    • Reporting and analytics

    • Ticketing system (email, Facebook, SMS, Apple Business Chat)

    • 24/7 x 365 email, chat, and phone support

    Pricing: LiveChat’s WordPress plugin plans are offered at $19 per agent per month for ‘small offices’, $39 for the Team Plan, and $59 for the business plan (which is that the most popular).

    2. Sendinblue

    Sendinblue is best known for its stellar email marketing services, although the live chat functionality quite pulls its weight.

    Who is it good for?

    You’re ready to leverage built-in design tools to make a custom chat box tailored to your brand; this organization and care bleeds into agent-user interactions too. for instance , you'll track the page a user accessed support on, and also assign conversations to varied agents. this suggests you'll keep users engaged together with your team while you resolve their query.


    • Flexible email campaign automation

    • Track customer behavior

    • Comprehensive arrangement of contacts

    • Map out customer workflows

    • Customizable signup forms

    • Personalized landing pages

    • Promotes team collaborations

    • Effective Facebook ads


    Pricing: Sendinblue’s live chat functionality is out there on a free tier that also includes email and SMS marketing platforms.  If you wanna  choose Premium tiers start at a pre tax price of $25 for 10,000 emails.


    3. Tidio Live Chat

    Tidio offers you a well optimize live chat plugin with solid user feedback. Tidio designed like for WordPress sites owners in mind, and also integrates email marketing services and a chatbot into the package.

    Who is it good for?

    Installation is rapid, and once you’re ready, you’re ready to found out multiple chat windows across different pages. The plugin supports nearly 200 languages out of the box, and offers variety of customization options to assist you match Tidio’s chat windows to your branding.



    • Increase conversion

    • Reduces cost and time

    • Increases website credibility

    • Increases customer experience

    • Helps to know customer needs

    • Improve SEO rankings


    Pricing: Tidio offers a stacked free tier, which might be enough for several site owners. They give three option or tiers category to different needs. all works out around $200–225 per annum , which could become pricey if you’re trying to find an all-in-one support solution.


    4. Crisp Live Chat

    Crisp Live Chat is a developed marketing and give support solution. the corporate offers a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), email marketing, and more. On the surface, it’s almost like Tidio and Sendinblue. However, there are some notable differences.

    Who is it good for?

    It’s clear that Crisp Live Chat is centered around connecting users with support teams, and trying to ‘humanize’ the usually sterile digital experience. In our opinion, it largely succeeds because of great features like ‘MagicBrowse’ – how for a support agent to co-browse a site with a user.



    • Live chat.

    • Chatbot. Build automated conversations.

    • CRM. Improve your leads and customers' knowledge.

    • Shared Inbox. Get more work done, together.

    • Ticketing System. Optimize your customer support in an efficient way.

    • Campaigns.

    • Knowledge. A knowledge domain to offer instant answers to your customers.

    • Status Page.

    Pricing: Basic chat functionality is out there on a free tier, although the premium tiers are uncomplicated – either $30–35 per month or $130 per month counting on your requirements


    5. HubSpot Live Chat

    For the uninitiated – although it’s tough to seek out anyone unaware – HubSpot may be a giant among marketing. they provide a Content Management System (CMS), CRM, and live chat functionality.

    Who is it good for?

    The Service Hub package includes live chat, support ticketing, automated bots, and far more all for free of charge – and located within the dedicated WordPress plugin. You’re ready to scale your support provision and convey together all of your channels to make sure your process is refined and successful.

    Much like other large-scale offerings, HubSpot suffers as long as you don’t need the complete feature set. Of course, if you’re already using HubSpot’s other services, keeping within the ecosystem may add up .



    • Greater Convenience

    • Improved Efficiency

    • More Cost-Effective

    • More User-Friendly


    Pricing: Offering this type of commands a price to match. Starter plans are often yours for around $540 per annum on an annual plan.


    6. Olark

    Olark may be a solution that’s often mentioned, and permanently reason. It’s one among the more slicker-looking live chat plugins on the market, and has functionality to match.

    Who is it good for?

    It allows you to take the knowledge you’ve gleaned from your users and organize them either within Olark itself or your chosen CRM. you'll even create ‘pre-chat’ forms that help to qualify the user, and provides you a start in assigning them to the proper agent.

    We particularly like how you’re ready to use the insight from your interactions to form your support service better going forward. Building complete profiles for users may benefit you with regards to raised targeted support, future sales opportunities, and more.



    • Faster support. Obviously chat is straightforward to succeed in for your customers, but what's more is that the typical resolution time is significantly less than with traditional service channels

    • Real-time text preview

    • Instant customer feedback

    • Less drama

    • Prevents agent fatigue

    • No waiting queues

    • Non-intrusive

    • On-site


    7. Tawk.to

    Our final entry on this list is exclusive therein they’re offering completely free live chat functionality, with no obligation to become a premium member. Tawk.to offers a wealth of features and functionality supported a ‘no-charge’ business model.


    Who is it good for

    The great news is that Tawk.to is one among the higher featured live chat plugins around. While you’re ready to add a line of JavaScript to your website to urge things up and running, the WordPress plugin is straightforward to put in and use. There are variety of customizations you'll make, and therefore the content of the live chat window also can be localized.

    Overall, if you would like a ‘kitchen-sink’ level of features in your live chat plugin, yet have little within the way of budget, Tawk.to goes to be ideal. It’s also top-notch if you've got alittle budget but no support team, given the premium services offered.



    • Personalized, Real time customer service, Easy to deliver

    • Handle your website traffic and when visitors need you most they will be there

    • Proactively initiate a talk together with your website visitors and app users

    • Unlock a replacement frictionless channel for conversational commerce

    Pricing: While Tawk.to is totally liberal to use, there are two premium options you'll consider. to easily remove the “Powered by…” link at rock bottom of the chat window, you'll pay $15 per month. Also, if you’d like your chats answered by Tawk.to’s agents, this may cost you $1 per hour.

    8. Gorgias

    Gorgias is an combined help desk and live chat platform for improved experience eCommerce brands. It show you to customer communication in 1 dashboard.


    Who is it good for

    Gorgias may be a detailed study of virtue founded upon an inquiry into the character of rhetoric, art, power, temperance, justice, and good versus evil


    • Live chat and ticket dashboard

    • Quickly access order details from BigCommerce, and Magento, Shopify

    • Manage eCommerce orders without leaving Gorgias

    • SMS and social media integration

    • Ticket templates

    • AI priority detection

    • Automated ticket workflows

    • Macros and saved replies


    Pricing: Starts at $50 per month they provide unlimiteds agents,350 tickets (billed annually).It offers a 7-day free trial.


    9. SnapEngage

    SnapEngage is one among the pricier live chat solutions on our list but offers some unique features to justify that cost, so it'd work perfectly for you counting on your online business needs.


    Who is it good for

    SnapEngage may be a live chat software tool aimed toward enterprise level businesses. SnapEngage have attention on automating the live chat process to assist you engage more customers and increase conversion rates. this suggests they need tried to simplify the mixing process with bringing your CRM information into their platform. They also offer bot functionality in order that customers can still have queries answered even when there are not any agents online. SnapEngage offer their customers multiple live chat features.


    • Call back requests that increase customer engagement

    • Automated chat invitations from the chat box

    • Customizable chat widgets for professional-looking site branding

    • SMS to talk feature so agents can communicate via text

    • Better Customers help across multiple channels like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and more


    Pricing: Starts at $16 monthly (minimum 3 users, billed annually).They also offer a 7-day free trial.


    10. Freshchat

    Another fantastic and popular choice within the world of live chat software for your website is Freshchat. Freschat a contemporary tool buid for conversion boosting messenger,conversational marketing app.


    Who is it good for

    Freshchat may be a modern messaging software built for sales and customer engagement teams to speak to prospects and customers on the web site , mobile app, or social pages. They offer legacy of freshchat livechat, Freshchat helps businesses and its teams specialise in endless and context driven messaging experience.


    • Select in real time chats,AI powered bots for automated conversations

    • Customer timeline views to ascertain the history of tourists with live profiles

    • Provide support team and sales teams and also connect chats to tickets via Zendesk or Slack

    • Support desktop notifications so you and your team can stay alert

    • Offer chat widgets on your WordPress site with live chats website plugin


    Pricing: Freshchat pricing starts at $15 per month/per agent (billed annually).They offer a limited free plan and a 30-day free trial.

    Final Words

    Hope all the information i provided in this article is helpful for you.
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