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How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online

Here I'm sharing a Quick start guide to blogging

If you already have a blog name and idea and just want to start blogging follow below mentioned 5 easy step.

Go to BlueHost and choose a Basic Plan for just $ 2.95 per month only. This is often the simplest and cheapest web host for beginners. and therefore the easiest method to start a great blog

Create your account on BlueHost. When is ask you would like to feature on, choose domain privacy and protefction(trust me, it's worth it).

To build the remainder of the website you'll need to do following things:-
  1. Install WordPress:- It is the simplest website builder out there.
  2. Choose a best theme:- These design determine how your website will look.
  3. Start blogging:- Let your ideas flow during a consistent writing schedule.
If you would like to earn money. Follow these simple steps:-

    1. Find A Great Blog Idea

    This is arguable the foremost important step for your blog.

    Choosing your blog's topic (niche) determines the remainder of the website's future. This is often what you are getting to be writing about and hopefully making money from.

    The good news: There's practically an audience out there for each single topic you would possibly have an interest in. But there are some topics that tend to perform better then others. You have to seek out the topics that both appeals to an enormous audience while appealing to you.  

    You can easily understand how to find a grate blog idea from this image:

    How to start a blog and make money online

    2. Find The Right Domain Name

    Now the fun part: choosing your blog's name. For this, I even have a bad news and a good news.
    • Bad News: Most of the very "perfect" name are already taken. The web is decades old is sensible.
    • Good News:That doesn't matter because we are planning to find the simplest one for you.
    Here are a couple of good rules-of-thumb to stay in mind  when choosing an honest name:-
    •  Keep it short, don't force potential visitors to possess to remember a bunch of words to go to your website. I recommend more than fourteen characters.
    • Choose high authority domain's eg. .com, .org or .net. Also there are the simplest ones for people to remember it.
    • Easy to spell and pronounce. You don't want to spell it out constantly for people once you mention your blog's domain.
    • Avoid numeric and special characters. Not only does it look clunky within the URL but it is also difficult to remember.
    When you come up with a domain you decided. Head to BlueHost to check if it is available using their domain tool. If it is. great! If not, then you have two options:
    1. Search until you discover an available domain. I highly recommend you to do this until you discover a domain that is available. I you are going to write a blog. sharpen your synonym skills by searching other words and phrases which may be available. Trust me as a working writer, this is often a really crucial skill.
    2. Buy a domain name. While it is possible to purchase a website from someone who already has it, that is a complicated option and may get expensive.
    I recommend you to keep searching until you discover a best domain that you simply like.

    I highly suggest you to purchase an web host that permits you to register a website for free of cost, meaning going with BlueHost.  

    3. Sing Up On BlueHost

    A web hosting provider offers server space to host your website. This is often where your website "lives".

    People who visit your website do so through this server. It is one among the foremost important element of your website.

    Four your first blog, you would like a host that's popular, trusted, easy to use, reliable and fairly priced.
    BlueHost fits this need perfectly, the best thing is that it's plan start from $2.95 per month( if you use our discount link).
    That is a steal considering what percentage positive reviews it gets.

    3. Install WordPress

    Your website needs a content management system (CMS). This enables you to make and manage your blog posts.

    There's just one option for this: WordPress
    Seriously, just use WordPress
    Years ago, there have been a couple of competitors to WordPress like Joomla or Typepad.

    This is getting to sound quite bad but whenever I hear of somebody using one among those old WordPress competitors, I just laugh It's hard to require them seriously.
    WordPress power 30% of all web-sites. That is how popular it's.

    Use WordPress for your blog, end of story.
    Because of how popular WordPress is, most web hosts offer a one-click install for WordPress. It is super easy.

    Here are the steps to install WordPress on BlueHost with just few clicks:
    1. Log into your BlueHost account.
    2. Open My Sites on side menu.
    3. Click Create Site.
    4. Enter your blog's name and tagline, Click Next.
    5. Choose the domain you want to install WordPress on.
    6. Choose the directory you want to install it on, Done.

    4. Choose An Eye-Catching WordPress Theme

    One of the simplest parts about WordPress is that it's very easy to change your website design.
    On top of that, you don't got to know about coding.
    WordPress uses "themes", little packages of code which will be swapped in and out. Whenever you modify your theme.
    Your site also will change but your blog content stay an equivalent.
    This makes it very easy to evolve your site over time without having to rebuild your entire site from scratch.
    For now, you will go to pick your first WordPress theme.
    The number of themes out there makes me dizzy. There are..... tons.

    After you but your theme. log into your WordPress blog. Click the theme section which is under Appearance within the WordPress sidebar menu. Then follow the instruction for adding the theme.

    You will need to upload the theme files to WordPress and activate the theme from within WordPress. You will find the upload option by go to Theme> Add New a button toward the highest. Then you will see this feature to upload:
    You will be ready to manage any themes you have uploaded to your WordPress blog from your Theme section.

    5. Build An Audience

    Basically, getting thousand true fans means you'll fully support yourself.
    You'll quit your job. Work from wherever you wish, and be in complete control of your life.
    All from hitting a really reasonable goal of thousand true fans.
    With blogging, you will build you audience of thousand true fans slowly and consistently.
    As long as you retain at it. You'll get there. Typically, it taken a couple  of years.
    Here's what to specialize in so as to urge there faster:
    • Always post a minimum of once per week. Never skip every week.
    • Start posting two-three time per week if you'll.
    • On every post, focus on quality as hard as you can. Google the subject and see what people have done, then ask yourself how you'll write something even better.

    Final Words

    Don't let this discourage your though. The important thing is that  you simply  start building  your blog and writing. Never quit, Do it consistently and stick with the system. and you will find the success comes quicker then you think that.

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